Gilbert Arenas Bashes Vince Carter After 22nd Season Return Announcement

By Orlando Silva – May 2, 2019 – In Entertainment

Even though Vince Carter said last summer he was “90-something percent” hiscareer would come to an end after this season was over, Vinsanity changed hismind and state he will be playing another season, making it 22 in his career.

儘管Vince Carter去年夏天曾說自己的職業生涯已達90%,賽季結束後將退休。不過Carter今年改變了主意,打算多打一年,這將會是他的第22個賽季。

He said before the ending of the regular season: “I’m going to prepare as if I’m coming back, and we’ll go from there, but I do want to play anotheryear.” He confirmed his decision to play for another season on Tuesday on his podcast with Kent Bazemore.

在本賽季結束前,Carter在上隊友Kent Bazemore的廣播節目時曾表示:「我會為下一季打球做好準備,然後看事情如何發展,我真的想再多打一年。」

Many people will certainly love to see Vince going at it for another season,and even though he doesn’t have a contract with a team, Carter is hoping toget one and demonstrate he still got it even though he’s past his 40s. As much as some fans would dig to see Carter doing his team again, there are some others that don’t like very much the idea of Vince playing his 22nd season in the league.



Former Wizards Gilbert Arenas took some time to state how he feels about Vinsanity coming back for another campaign. Maybe he’s jealous, maybe he’snot, but Arenas had some harsh words to say on this matter.

前NBA球員Gilbert Arenas就對VC再多打一年頗有微詞,他在這件事上有些話想表達。

“I respect ya love but there’s young players trying to live the dream u didand every year U play… that’s 1 player getting cut from his dream becuz they will take ur name over them”



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